I am Fereshteh Shabani. Born in 1982 in Tehran, I have a degree in archaeology from the University of Bu-Ali Sina in Hamedan and undergraduate student of painting at Ferdows University of Mashhad. My specialty is as a muralist and creator of artwork on the wall, including interior and exterior. Identify specific job tasks, for example, understanding project needs, cost estimates, presenting key ideas and project management and designing, requirements for manual design skills, creativity, and time needed to carry out work, focus on vision and Customer opinion. I have patterns in life that I can learn from them, so more than what you think I am learning, I have different skills that I can use in different areas. Since I decide to have the best path to myself, as I always admire myself, I will definitely try to make more progress and improve my position. Making an urban environment by mural is one of my most important goals. Famous professors and artists in this field, like Banksy and Remo Lienhard, are my patterns. Since this art can express my spirit and my feelings, and with the creation and implementation of that work, my feelings and audience, I try to observe the three inseparable elements of the environment, architecture and audience in the design of each mural. I can always upgrade my expertise. Nowadays, mural painting is used in interior decoration and urban space decorating, and I am both capable of designing and implementing. Due to the climate and climate of the area and the magnitude of the rainfall, such as the amount of rain on the wall, the moisture and the moisture that may penetrate the wall, I can use other techniques and materials such as colored cement, mosaic or tile techniques in the urban environment. Broken or other techniques. It is very important to pay attention to these issues, and I specialize in the basics and different angles, because the effect and effect reflected on my specialization and mastery. I believe wall paintings are heavily interacting with their surroundings, and since each environment has its own specific features, my proposed designs are consistent with and compatible with the environment, so that I can integrate all the elements into the environment. Visualizations including color, texture, form, and so on. The most important factor after the coordination with the environment is the audience. For this reason, I am committed to the audience in the performance of this art, since for me one of the most important elements is the goals of the work.